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Fireside custom fly rodsfireside fly fishingFireside custom fly rods

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Fireside Fly Fishing

Fireside Fly Fishing is a singularly focused fly shop that specializes in crafting fine fly rods, gift accessories and art collectibles for anglers with a keen sense of value and a perception of worth. Limited numbers of exquisite fly rods are built on commission each year from select Tonkin cane and precision synthetic blanks. They are especially appealing to discriminating anglers and those who aspire to collect the very finest. Other craftsmen and artisans showcase their skills in flawless fly fishing art, art prints, fly boxes, reel cases, rod tubes, and fly displays that reflect their passion for angling and an undeniable labor of love. Come visit our store and treat yourself to what you've only dreamed of heretofore. Then, before logging off please do three important things: 1) look at our fly rods, art prints and photo gallery pages; 2) add Fireside to your list of favorites; 3) sign up for our mail list to receive periodic announcements of new products and collectible works of art.

Fireside Creed and Code

Visitors will observe a notable difference between Fireside Fly Fishing and most traditional fly shops.
While Fireside does offer a selection of fine, custom-crafted angling products, its focus also encompasses
other very important aspects of angling. In our haste to "just get out there" and enjoy pleasures of the sport,
we often loose sight of a greater need to emphasize the protection of habitat, conservation of resources and
teaching the ethics of sport fishing. When we anglers use and take, no matter our good intentions, there is
an inherent responsibility to always put something back. In that regard, much of our energy and focus at
Fireside Fly Fishing is directed towards strengthening the sense of appreciation among all anglers for our
rich heritage and heightening their sense of awareness for the need to preserve it for future generations. To
that end, Fireside Fly Fishing attempts to downplay the notion that the biggest and the most are necessarily
the best. Conversely, we place greater emphasis on the concepts of catch and release, light habitat impact
activities, wise resource stewardship through education and example, and a finer appreciation for those
intrinsic values of fly fishing and simply the opportunity to still do it. To nurture this attitude, Fireside Fly
Fishing actively works with local and national natural resource agencies to promote and teach these values
at angling expos, youth fish fairs and classroom venues whenever possible.





custom built bamboo rodscustom built bamboo rods
475 Rainbow Ct.
Homer, AK, USA 99603
FAX (907)235-8998

(c) Copyright 2003 Fireside Fly Fishing

Fireside custom fly rods
Fireside custom fly rods


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